Age: 47 years old

Aki came to us 2 years ago.

Read his story here:

Characteristics: Highly intelligent, sociable, friendly and vocal. He likes his eyes, head and neck stroked. Does not bite but can show aggressiveness when frightened. He can be picked up gently once he is comfortable with you.

Types of Food Aki likes: Sunflower seeds, nuts, corn, long beans and sometimes apples, depending on his mood. 

Below is a video of Aki in his cage in the aviary.


Age: 1+ years old

Jamyang is an African grey about a year plus in age.

How Jamyang came about as a new member of the Ladrang aviary is yet another story of irresponsibility with regards to pet shops in our capital. Jamyang was in essence a “mercy buy” as he was chained to a perch in a rather claustrophobic pet shop situated in the basement of a shopping mall with no sunlight or healthy ventilation.

He has been in the pet shop for 3-4 months prior.

Upon close inspection and through the experienced eyes of doctors, the plumage and colouration of Jamyang seems to indicate that he is indeed a male African Grey. However to be absolutely conclusive a DNA test needs to be done.

Below is a video of Jamyang in his cage, saying Hello!

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